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An unending quest—Ms. Egan returning to Boston

Students wished Ms. Egan good luck in Boston with a surprise going away party.

Grace Chang, Local Editor

October 5, 2018

From Justice League to Quest Retreats, Ms. Emily Egan has always brought her influence wherever she goes. She has helped students fit in, provided service opportunities, and has been the person that students can talk to about their feelings. After five years of being the "salt and light" of Saint Viator...

Hello my name is…Mrs. Lowery

Hello my name is...Mrs. Lowery

Allison Bosshart, Local Editor

August 31, 2018

From mentoring in the LINK leader program to helping student council plan Homecoming, Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery is quickly adjusting to school culture, and she is excited to be the director of student activities. Mrs. Lowery grew up in Lisle and attended Benet Academy, Boston College, and New York Univers...

Say Hello to Mr. Field

Say Hello to Mr. Field

Grace Chang, Local Editor

August 30, 2018

There is a class that is bigger than any other in the school, yet none of the students are in that class. “Just like the teachers in the classrooms—who work with their students—I work with the teachers. My job is to learn with the teachers and help them continue to grow. My classroom is prob...

Trivia Night lets students test themselves for charity

Art by Kayla Johnson

Allison Bosshart, Staff Writer

March 23, 2018

Yearbook superlatives. Fake news. Social justice. What do these topics have in common? These diverse ideas were all question topics at last year’s Trivia Night. Trivia Night is an annual event where students answer trivia questions, benefit a good cause and have fun with their friends. Trivia Night...

Foreign language students destined for foreign countries

Art by Yi Zhu

Crystal Schuster, Staff Writer

March 23, 2018

Ciao and hola! Students are flying into adventure this spring break, as those taking any Spanish class will get the chance to travel abroad to Costa Rica, and students taking any Italian class will get the chance to explore Italy. The planning initially began at the beginning of this school year, starting...

From snicky snacks to recycling, Mrs. Francis leaves legacy

Mrs. JoAnne Francis helps the junior student council prepare for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Brooke Puccini, Local Editor

March 23, 2018

You have been welcomed by LINK leaders, gone to school dances, participated in club meetings, and listened to announcements on the daily, but have you taken the time to get to know the woman behind all these activities? Mrs. JoAnne Francis, Director of Student Activities, is the individual responsible...

How do we curb fire hydrant problem?

Photo by Paige Laskiewicz

Alex DiMarco, Staff Writer

March 23, 2018

Have you ever been running late to school and seen that one perfect parking spot right in front of the sidewalk on Oakton? Well, it is not really a parking spot. Hiding behind a large tree and sitting next to some faded yellow lines there is a red fire hydrant. A ticket for parking in that particular...

All about that bass (fishing)

Art by Skylar Kim

Kate Hannon, Staff Writer

March 23, 2018

Some students have found a unique activity to give them a break from both the daily stresses of schoolwork and the usual dependence on phones and social media—fishing . Sophomores Nick DeMunno and Will Christy recently formed the new bass fishing club with some of their friends. They want to have...

Investment club makes cents for students’ futures

Art by Joanne Jun

Bridget Sloan, Staff Writer

March 23, 2018

The Investment  Club is a new club for students interested in business, making money and the stock market. The club was started by juniors Will Riley and Nick McCaulley and is moderated by Mr. James Williams. “We were both really interested in how the stock market works, how to make money, the...

LINKing upperclassmen, freshmen since day one

Allison Bosshart, Staff Writer

February 16, 2018

Coming to a new school as a freshman can make students stressful and nervous, especially for their first day, but LINK leaders answer questions, share donuts and guide freshmen to their classes to make school a comfortable environment for all students. LINK Crew is a program for juniors and seniors...

Has Turnabout turned back to boys asking girls?

Art by Kenny Yi

Kate Hannon, Staff Writer

February 16, 2018

It may not be a promposal, but Turnabout asks can be pretty unique. Typically, Turnabout is the dance where a girl asks a date, as opposed to boys generally asking dates for other dances, including homecoming and prom. However, this is not always the case at Saint Viator anymore. “It has become...

Students act sooner on ACT preparation

Art by Zoya Boskovic

Clare Dowd, Staff Writer

February 16, 2018

At the start of junior year, talk of the ACT begins quietly, but as the year moves along, the quiet chatter becomes a loud roar as students’ hopes, fears and dreams start to materialize. The ACT is a standardized test that most high schoolers take in the spring of their junior year. This test is...

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