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Art by David Calhoun

Is the makeover a joke?

Speculations about Leto’s new portrayal arise regarding plot consistency
Sam Carens, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

The Joker’s look might be just as ubiquitous as his name. Green hair, red lips, paper white skin and an eerie smile come to mind when viewers picture the Joker in their head. However, the exact appearance...

Art by Rickie Gao

‘Cobra Kai’ brings satisfying sequel to new, returning viewers

Trevor Lyon, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

Ever since Johnny Lawrence’s defeat in the 1983 All Valley Karate Tournament in “The Karate Kid,” fans have been wondering what happened to Daniel LaRusso’s old archrival. Then in 2018, Josh Heald,...

Art by Erin Cavender

63rd Grammy Awards reward musicians’ unprecedented year

Morgan Trunda, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 18, 2021

This year, the Grammy’s were looking to be a tough competition. The list of nominations for each category was stacked. The pandemic certainly did not hurt artistic thought—with all the time at home,...

As takeout takes over, Asian food rises to occassion

Michael McManaman, Staff Writer  February 26, 2021

In a time dominated by takeout, finding the best restaurants can be difficult. Asian Takeout rises above the rest as convenient, quick and tasty. A good takeout restaurant must be able to travel well,...

Art by Krystal Nava

Black musicians instrumental in social change

Musical icons strike ascending chord to convey sound of inequity, injustice
Alyssa Yankee, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 26, 2021

African American musical influence in America is traced back to the transatlantic slave trade. Africans were forcibly moved and left to carry their history with oral traditions. Song aided enslaved people...

Art by Rickie Gao

Amazon series, currency image honor the Underground Railroad

Grace Kelly, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

With the recent announcement that the plan of replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill has been restarted under the Biden administration, it seems only fitting that an Amazon...

Art by Marion Krowczyk

‘WandaVision’ series brings mystery to MCU

Trevor Lyon, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

After a climactic battle between the Avengers and the mad titan Thanos and the loss of many beloved characters, the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been left uncertain. Before 2021, there hasn’t...

Art by Mary Stauder

Comedians adapt to coronavirus and internet platforms

Sam Carens, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

Once upon a time, stand-up comedians drew in massive audiences. Comedians such as Kevin Hart and Jim Gaffigan would fill up massive stadiums. In 2015, Kevin Hart went on tour, performing at multiple NFL...

Art by Bernadette Mercurio

Christmas films impact family holiday traditions

Sam Carens, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

Have you read “A Christmas Carol” this year? Have you watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?” Believe it or not some of your favorite stories, movies and songs of Christmas past have changed...

Art by Marion Krowczyk

Students choose favorite Christmas entertainment

Trevor Lyon, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

The entertainment industry has always played a major role in the Christmas celebration each year. Since the introduction of film and mass production of musical records in the early 1900s, more and more...

Ugly Christmas sweaters: the history behind this holiday hilarity

Grace Kelly, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

Of all the seasonal attire during the holidays, few have gained such notoriety as “ugly sweaters.” These fuzzy, fleecy fashions are often decorated with clashing, crazy colors and wild, wacky winter...

Art by Maggie Miller

The source of music may be the business experts

Cassie Limberakis, Staff Writer November 16, 2020

Think about it: music plays an integral part in the world that we live in. Music is around us all the time. We hear it in restaurants, on television and on the radio. Sometimes, songs linger in our heads...

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