Theatre takes off for Neverland

Lights, camera, action! The theater department at Viator is a place for young actors and actresses to shine under bright lights. As a part of the Saint Viator Fine Arts Department, the theater department is constantly growing and becoming more inclusive. It has plenty of opportunities for students from all grades to participate. Most notably, the fall play is coming up, and  there is much preparation for the big day. The play this fall will be Peter and the Star Catcher, which is based off of the story of Peter Pan.  

Prior to auditions for the play sophomore Paul Schultz shared, “It’s going well for everyone! There are some nerves floating around, but for the most part, people are excited.”

Aside from the play, the theater department also performs a musical in the spring, which like the play, includes an entirely student-run crew. Students do not just need to perform in big productions to be part of the Saint Viator theater community. The theater department also includes a drama club that meets during flex time and theater classes that students can take during the school day. The theater department is run by Ms. Gray, and is an open place for students to express themselves in the musical arts. Students have opportunities to act, sing, dance, design costumes, build stage equipment, or work behind the scenes of productions.