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Photo by Bernadette Mercurio

Lions link together against division

March 18, 2022

“The cheers ring out one mighty shout, For Viator’s varsity.” A school population of 1,021 students and staff, and with “one mighty shout” we’re all in this together. While this clichéd phrase...

Art by Krystal Nava

It is time for a societal ‘Awakening’

Krystal Nava, Opinion Editor March 18, 2022

When the topic of the arts and literature is brought up in conversation, most immediately think of the “greats’’ who have mastered the medium of paint and pencil or diction and syntax: Pablo Picasso,...

Art by Emma Roberts

Beauty is only screen-deep

Social media kills confidence, altars perception of reality
Julia Benkendorf, Editor-In-Chief March 18, 2022

You’ve all heard the saying: “Beauty is only skin deep.” While I agree that one’s personal qualities vastly outweigh their physical ones, it is hard to look through society and claim that beauty...

Art by Mary Stauder

iPads: Insidious or Incredible?

Technology overload raises questions over effectiveness
Fernanda Romero, Staff Writer March 18, 2022

On April 3 2010, Apple launched their newest invention, the iPad. Now nearly 12 years later, this device has taken the world by storm. Most children nowadays have grown up using iPads to watch shows, play...

Wounds of ‘West Side Story’ remedied by 2021 remake

Wounds of ‘West Side Story’ remedied by 2021 remake

Krystal Nava, Staff Editor February 17, 2022

“America” boomed in movie theaters across the country once again since 1961. In December of 2021, Steven Spielburg’s ‘West Side Story’ remake was released in the U.S. The film was highly anticipated...

Art by Krystal Nava

Activism without action solves nothing

Julia Benkendorf, Editor-in-Chief February 17, 2022

Buried somewhere in the depths of my closet lies my once most-prized item of clothing: a gray t-shirt with the word “feminist” sprawled across the chest in pastel pink letters. Purchased seven years...

Art by Nicole Mercado

Amazon’s atrocious treatment of workers calls for change

Margaret Miller , Staff Writer February 17, 2022

Most people, at least once in their life, have ordered something from Amazon. It is easy and convenient for people who need to get items with a deadline. We can have whatever we desire delivered to our...

Art by Owen Kelly

Excess waste leads to destruction of planet: how we can help

Gabriela Wolf , Staff Writer February 17, 2022

As humans, producing garbage has become almost second nature to us. Once we throw something out, we completely forget about it and ignore how it affects others. The average American produces over 1,700...

Art By Marion Krowcyzk

Capital punishment proves unjust through arbitrary impact

Fernanda Romero, Staff Writer February 17, 2022

Since capital punishment, more commonly referred to as the death penalty, was reinstated in the U.S. in 1976, 1,542 people have been executed, according to The issue with capital...

Mental health should be prioritized in school settings

Emma Turaka , Staff Writer February 17, 2022

Is missing school due to mental health related problems justified? I think so. Not only is it necessary, but school administrations need to be carefully monitoring their system because according to the...

Art by Taein Park

Problematic parking, where’s the proof?

December 10, 2021

It is 2:39 P.M. Students congregate around the door, rifling urgently through their backpacks in search of their car keys. The seconds pass at tortoise-like pace until that sacred bell of relief finally...

Art by Bernadette Mercurio

Christmas magic found in Christmas music

Fernanda Romero, Staff Writer December 10, 2021

Every year when November 1st rolls around, it seems as though a switch has flipped in the world. Not even 12 hours ago kids roamed the streets in costumes, knocking on doors for candy, yet, all of a sudden,...

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