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Connecting the way to success

Career connections can last you a lifetime, and high school is the best time to start making them. Take a couple of steps in the correct direction and you will be golden!
Ryder Schuch, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

So you want to make money - then it’s time to start networking. Coach Edminster ‘91 agrees. “It’s key to start as young as possible. Get involved so you meet new people and make connections:...

The class of 2024’s lineup on Instagram’s @svhs2024decisions.

Senior commitments foster connection

Instagram pages showcasing student’s next steps rise from COVID
Hannah Hoog, Local Co-Editor March 21, 2024

“Congratulations to Suzy Smith on her decision to attend University of Michigan where she will major in business and minor in psychology on a pre-law track!” Gaining popularity in the past decade,...

Students come from various religious backgrounds to discuss in gregarious unity.

Abraham would be proud

Youth from the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam meet in a judge-free zone
Cassie Martinez and Magdalena Mokrzycki March 21, 2024

Peace camp is a two-day camp for middle school students organized by Fr. Corey that brings the Abrahamic religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity together. These students are led by an interfaith group...

Mrs. Brankin and her group from Kairos 95 show nothing but smiles after their retreat.

Running on retreats, SV’s best

Daniele Dumitriu, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

It’s a great time during the year to participate in a retreat. Retreats are a great opportunity for one to grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Experiencing a retreat brings memories that...

All students enjoy the Winter Ball, from showing off their dance moves, waving their hands in the air, and socializing all the more.	Photo courtesy of Saint Viator

It’s winter: let’s have a ball!

Abin Vargheese and Magdalena Mokrzycki February 15, 2024

The Winter Ball, a yearly tradition at Saint Viator, has been around for as long as time can tell. But it’s time to place the bets, since on February 24th Saint Viator’s official Casino-Night-themed...

Entrepreneurship students work diligently on presentations for an assignment focused on  product viability.

Business courses bolster learning

Hannah Hoog, Local Co-Editor February 15, 2024

Hi Sharks. I’m seeking $1,000,000 for a 35% stake in my company.” An interrogation and assessment soon ensues, which determines the value, future, and overall desirability of the company. The Sharks...

A student-actor basks in the spotlight while negotiating with a monster.

A monstrous market of magic

Jos Mendez, Co-Editor In-Chief February 15, 2024

It’s the time of year when the Saint Viator’s theater department puts together their annual winter musical. For 58 years it’s been a beloved tradition amongst students, faculty, and members of the...

Myriad faces in new places

Abin Vargheese, Local Co-Editor February 2, 2024

For nearly a century, The Arlington International Racecourse provided fans from all over with high thrill bets on horse racing until its official close on September 25th, 2021. The Racecourse’s...

Levin takes lead on Lion activities

Levin takes lead on Lion activities

Hannah Hoog, Local Co-Editor February 2, 2024

Chatting over lunch. Friday night football. Rehearsing for the fall play. Playing a sport. Hanging out with friends. Joining a club. Living life. Having fun. There is more to school than simply being an...

New technology enhances learning

New technology enhances learning

Aaditya Patel, Staff Writer February 2, 2024

The start of the ’23-’24 school year welcomed students with the arrival of many new things such as air conditioning and new floors. Towards the end of last year, Burks’ Place opened up. Still, there...

An assortment of various traditions during the holiday season.

Time-honored traditions triumph

Daniele Dumitriu, Staff Writer December 8, 2023

What a wonderful time of the year, with the arrival of December and many holidays finally here. Christmas has always been a beautiful holiday, showcasing the amazing love of God given to humanity by celebrating...

School’s still in for the winter

School’s still in for the winter

Abin Vargheese, Local Co-Editor December 8, 2023

After several seasons of rain, sun and wind, the commonly trademarked “time of year” is finally here. With the coming of winter, not only festive cheer and a dwindling end to the year have made their...

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