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Photo Club meets for their biweekly meeting during flex time.

Flex your new activities

Students participate in new activities, clubs after school
Joey Dauphin, Staff Writer October 1, 2021

Clubs are a way of becoming involved in the school community and meeting new people. Luckily for Viator students, a multitude of new clubs have been introduced. As a result, many students are overwhelmed...

Lion days cause up-roar of opinions

Lion days cause up-roar of opinions

Staff, students debate views on new eight-period days
Sam Hargadon, Copy Editor October 1, 2021

After a year and a half of change and uncertainty, the school schedule has changed yet again. This improved block schedule includes longer classes and a new “Lion Day.” These implementations have made...

Ms. Embree shows off her current graphing lesson.

‘Adding’ to the staff: Embree’s mathematical debut

New faculty member Ms. Embree adds some charismatic flair to the math department
Quentin Perry, Staff Writer October 1, 2021

Lions, have you noticed a new face gracing the math hallway? Ms.Maggie Embree is a new math teacher that will be instructing honors Pre-Calculus and Algebra II/ Trigonometry—Mrs. Worthington’s classes...

Chill out! AC closer than you think

Chill out! AC closer than you think

Building crew discusses plans, funding to control school climate
Madeline Dauphin and Sean McLaughlin October 1, 2021

Year after year, during summer school and the beginning and end of the normal school year, teachers and students are burdened with the unfleeting heat that intensifies as each day goes on. Throughout the...

Art by Bernadette Mercurio

School plans senior celebrations

Jill Doherty, Local editor March 18, 2021

Social events at school have been bleak this year and that is no exception for the class of 2021. So far, the senior class has lost homecoming, pep rallies, Friday night lights, sports seasons and countless...

Photo by Meghan Nordoff

Eighth-graders excel in advanced courses

Middle schoolers share thoughts, feelings on taking high school classes
Kate Hannon, Co-editor in cheif March 18, 2021

If you thought the beginning of your freshman year was overwhelming, imagine starting your high school career in eighth or even seventh grade. That is the reality each year for a small group of around...

Photo courtesy of Dean Deb Scerbicke

Declaring Dean Deb Day

Students, faculty celebrate Dean Deb's award, time at Viator
Sean McLaughlin, Staff writer March 18, 2021

“Kind hearted, hardworking, determined,” said junior Michael Strozak. “Caring, dedicated, passionate,” said junior Liv Salituro. “Energetic, generous, outgoing,” said junior Makenna Ritchey. “Enthusiastic,...

Photo courtesy of Mr. Willhite

Episode 87: iGo on Kairos

Students plan for spring retreats away from Cabrini
Katie Cloud, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

Campus Ministry is facing a unique challenge to continue on student retreats in the midst of restrictive COVID-19 guidelines. This year, different retreats have either taken place over Zoom, such as Urban...

Photo by Madeline Daulphin

Illinois athletes finish last in fall sports return

Gabriella Wolf, Staff writer February 26, 2021

Covid-19 had drastic effects on fall 2020 high school sports. Illinois was among the few states, including California and New York, that cancelled high-contact fall sports in 2020 and postponed them to...

When youre a Lydon, youre a lion for life

When you’re a Lydon, you’re a lion for life

Father Lydon goes from '73 alum to teacher to president
Kate Hannon, Co-Editor in Chief February 26, 2021

After five years as president, Mr. Brian Liedlich has announced that he will step down from his role this coming summer due to health issues. Mr. Liedlich will be passing on the torch to longtime Viatorian...

Art by: Kate Hannon

Lions look to new horizons

Jill Doherty, Local Editor February 26, 2021

This year Saint Viator has introduced a new DEI initiative among students as well as faculty and staff throughout the school. DEI is short for diversity, equity and inclusion, and the topic has become...

Photo by: Madeline Dauphin

‘Into the’…Parking Lot?

Musical to feature new director, small cast, outdoor theater
Rowan McDonnell and Sean McLaughlin February 26, 2021

As the annual winter musical season makes it’s prolonged arrival, new challenges await the cast and crew in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In contrast to previous musical productions, “Into...

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