Winter ball plans to turnabout


Courtesy of Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery

Students enjoy the homecoming dance outdoors.

With the Winter Ball supposedly being around the corner, Viator students received an upsetting email from administration about rescheduling the dance to the spring because of the Omicron outbreak. Viator has rescheduled a dance before: during the 2020 school year, Viator “postponed” their homecoming dance and removed it off the school’s calendar. Unfortunately, Viator never rescheduled that dance. So, when the announcement about the Winter Ball postponement was released, students were curious to hear the reasoning behind the decision.

“We made the decision to postpone because at the time the Illinois school mask mandate was in place and was in effect 24 hours a day,” said Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery, the Director of Student Activities. “Therefore, if we were to have a dance in the gym, no one would have fun because the adults would constantly be saying, ‘Pull up your mask!”

However, Mrs. Lowery also said that last year’s cancellation of the Homecoming dance will not be repeated with this year’s Winter Ball.

Although students have their doubts about administrations cancelling the dance again, the administration debunked that rumor.

“We are already in talks with multiple companies and the tentative date is March 12,” said Mrs. Lowery.

Students face a second year with the postponed Ball.

“I feel a little disappointed,” said senior Mia Parise. “I was kind of worried at first that it would interfere with our prom, but it’d still be fun.”

“I wish we could have had it on schedule, but I am excited for us to be able to have it safely,” said sophomore Ben Chapin. “I hope it’s worth the wait!”

“We would have a better time if we have it later in the year,” said junior Ryan Daugherty.

Surprisingly, the change did not affect many students because the student council takes the lead on planning dances and other in-school events. The Winter Ball does not garner as many attendees as homecoming.

“The only way it would have affected me is if I was a junior student council member because they plan most of it,” said Parise.

However, there are hopes about the ball.

“I really liked the homecoming DJ, so I hope he comes back,” Parise said.

“It’d be great to show the world that we can do these dances and be okay,” said Daugherty.

Students evidently still look forward to school dances, whether or not they look the same.