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Psychology modernizes sports

Ben Konopka, Sports Editor March 21, 2024

As competitive athletics grow, competition increases in all aspects of a sport. While talent, strength, and speed—the typical attributes associated with skilled athletes—are important, to get an edge...

Steroids obstruct fair competition

Vito Confuorto, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Sports and steroids, they’re like peanut butter and jelly – controversial yet intertwined. You’ve probably heard about athletes using steroids to boost their performance, whether it’s sprinters...

Powerlifting decline leaves hope of return

Elliott Heckard, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Powerlifting: a word invoking images of burly men moving massive stones, but powerlifting as a sport is much more than just moving rocks. The sport of powerlifting has athletes competing to see who can...

Chiefs win third title in five years

Chiefs’ dynasty continues to grow after huge victory in Super Bowl LVIII
Elliott Chung, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII 25-22 in an overtime victory in what would become their third championship in five consecutive years. After receiving the...

Managers provide leadership vital to success

Atharva Patel, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Anthea Turner, television presenter, said, “The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.” Team management can be the key factor determining...

Athletes lift towards success during offseason

Zach Waltuck, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

There are a plethora of different ways to advance one’s performance in athletics. Usually strategies vary between sports: a batting drill for baseball players or box jumps for sports like volleyball...

New coach continues legacy of greatness

Delanie Towle and Cate Dejlitko March 21, 2024

As the boys lacrosse team enters a new season, the state runner ups have assumed new leadership. The team warmly welcomed Geoff Harty, former assistant coach, to take over Viator’s program. Harty’s...

Captains promote success

Joash Ampalloor, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

When a team captain steps onto the field, it’s not just a title. It’s a beacon of leadership that can ignite the spirit of the entire team. The essence of being a captain isn’t just about wearing...

Collegiate athletics ruin careers

Frankie Demeter, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

“What major are you going to study in college?”  All college athletes are both full-time students and full-time athletes, yet some struggle with the academic aspect of their college career. When...

Prejudice in officiating devastates sports

Star Gu, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

This past year, there has been extreme controversy in the NFL regarding referees. Whether it be misinterpreting a play or missing a penalty call, the actions of referees in the National Football League...

Academic responsibilities encroach athletics

Maggie Drake, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Balancing the workloads of competitive athletics and college-predatory academics is possible with traits of perseverance, effort, and responsibility. Participating in sports on top of school proves to...

Swift not slowing

Lucy Drake, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Taylor Swift, with her famous Eras Tour and recent relationship with Travis Kelce, has appeared on screen various times, and while some people love it, others hate it. However, featuring Taylor Swift has...

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