Pandemic roulette: how will you be affected?

With omicron on the rise in the world right now, it seems like this variant is not letting anything get in its way. Now, with or without a vaccine, it’s possible for one to contract this unwanted virus. This has not only terrified society, but caused an uproar to what new protocols should be put in place. Furthermore, COVID cases seem to be a growing issue here at Saint Viator. According to a poll of 36 teachers, 27.8% had contracted COVID. In contrast, a poll of 118 students reported that 41.5% had contracted COVD. Each case presented a different combination of symptoms.

Ms. Jamey Miller, an English teacher who contracted COVID this winter, said she felt symptoms such as a fever, chills, muscle aches, headaches, cough, fatigue, and a runny nose.

However, sophomore Beene Mweene had only a runny nose and sore throat for one day but was ultimately fine for the rest of her five-day quarantine.

“I didn’t feel too bad, just a little burned out and sick,” said Mweene. “Thankfully I had a fast recovery, and other than that it was pretty smooth. [I] Got to go back to school afterwards, and I was ultimately happy!”

Senior Erik Mikrut said he felt no symptoms at all, but had to quarantine because of his positive result.

“My experiences were pretty quick,” said Mikrut. “I didn’t really have a sore throat or runny nose. I did have muscle aches, which was probably a reason why I was very tired.”

One can see that this teenager’s COVID symptoms were rather easy-going in comparison to others individuals’.

“I slept for two days straight, which was my medication,” Mikrut added jokingly.

During the required student quarantine, students feeling well enough to get up and learn were encouraged to commit to e-learning. In straying from last year’s virtual-heavy setup, the current process varied by teacher, in which outlets of e-learning were found from Zoom calls to quick assignment check-ins.

“None of the teachers Zoomed,” said Mikrut. “But I was able to see what I missed on Blackbaud and made up my work very quickly.”

COVID’s unpredictability leaves many people worried and wondering if they are next. Is this virus going to be an ongoing problem for humanity or is this a virus on the verge of ending? Time can only tell, but in the meantime, stay safe.