Power of Emma’s volunteerism

Saint Viator senior wins Student Heart of Gold Award


Photo courtesy of Emma Ziebka

Emma Ziebka packs food at the Our Lady of Angels’ food drive in Chicago.

It was 2018 when Emma Ziebka started at Saint Viator. Four years and a global pandemic later, she was announced as the 2022 Arlington Heights “Student Heart of Gold” award winner. Emma is an active member in the community, a Querbes scholar, campus minister, LINK Crew member, varsity soccer player and student council representative. The impact of volunteering has an effect on everyone. When they take a moment to help someone out who is less fortunate or struggling it truly changes how we see the world.
“[Volunteering] makes me remember that the world isn’t about me, and it’s about other people,”said senior Emma Ziebka.
Throughout her time at Saint Viator, Emma found many different versions of herself, but an active volunteer was commonly one of them.
“[Emma] has attended several retreats, served as a retreat leader, and helped to coordinate masses behind the scenes,” said campus minister Mrs. Nicole Rudolph.
A few years ago, Emma met a teacher who truly inspired her to be active in the community—Mr. Levin.
“[Mr. Levin] is definitely one of the people [who has impacted me],” said Ziebka, “It’s just the way he holds his classroom.”
“Emma is unapologetically herself,” said Mrs. Rudolph. “She is committed to her faith, her academics, her sports teams, her parish, and everything she does. She consistently goes above and beyond to make an impact in the communities she has devoted herself to serving.”
Throughout the past four years, Emma has gone above and beyond serving her community. She is a leader, and a perfect role model to everyone at Saint Viator. So when May comes and Emma faces graduation, college, and other things, there is no doubt that she will always have a legacy at Viator.