Hispanic students celebrate month of September

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the cultures of many different countries in Central and South America and spans from September 15 to October 15 this year. The month includes various types of celebrations, which some Viator students partake in. Although it may seem strange that the month-long celebration begins in the middle of September, this is because many Hispanic countries celebrate their independence days during these dates. According to Viator’s registrar Mrs. Svejnoha, eight percent of the students at Saint Viator chose to identify as Hispanic on admission forms. As the month acknowledges Hispanic cultures from various countries, people all over the world as well as students and their families at Viator celebrate it in different ways. 

Natalie Thiel, junior, said, “My mom is Guatemalan, so I am half Guatemalan. My family usually gets together with our other hispanic friends and family and we all eat a lot of delicious food, [including] our tamales from rice and chicken, which we have made for hundreds of years.” 

Senior Betty Gomez shared, “I am Mexican. I celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by keeping my culture’s traditions alive even though we are in another country, [and] celebrate[s] the day of the dead, which is honoring all of our loved ones who have passed away.” 

Saint Viator educates students about the month and celebrates the occasion in Spanish classes as well as on the announcements. This helps fight stereotypes that Hispanic students may face at school. Efforts by the Diversity Committee also help educate students about the different cultures in countries in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. Most importantly as Hispanic Heritage Month is a time of celebration, it allows the Viator community to come together and lift up students in our minority Hispanic community.