Offseason training essential for success


Hannah Klimas and Colin Colon

Athan Huelskamp lifts during his offseason.

During the basketball season, the stands are filled with students cheering on the team they support. However, these same students forget about basketball the moment the season closes, but what about the student athletes?

The off season is not a time for rest and relaxation for high school athletes, but rather it is a time to improve their talents without the pressures of the season. However, despite the additional time and removal of in season stresses, it is not always easy for athletes to get better during the off season because there is no one holding them accountable or even witnessing the work put in. Rather, they work to get better at their own discretion. In order to stay motivated, athletes contemplate future successes that could result from their work and the glory that could be gained for not only them, but for their school as well. The overall goal of all athletes is to achieve success through winning; therefore, the harder these athletes work during the off season, the greater the chance they have for success during their next season.

“I love the game of basketball and I hate losing so I’m always motivated to get better,” said Connor Kochera, a varsity basketball player and division one recruit. Kochera works out almost every day during the basketball off season in hopes of greater success down the line.

During the off season, it is vital for athletes to stay around the game in order to prevent the rust from building up.
“I go to the golf dome at least once a week during the off season just to stay in touch with the game and make sure I’m always preparing for the next season,” said varsity golf player Jack Lynch.
All athletes definitely need to work on their game over the off season as it is a necessity not a luxury. Working over the off season is extremely important for athletes in order to maintain their standard of play in order to build off of it during the off season and the next season. If an athlete were to take the off season as a time for relaxation and push off practicing until the season started, the athlete would lose the progress that they had made and start the season behind where the left off the previous season. For athletes, taking steps back is never ideal.

“Off season work is very important,” said strength and conditioning coach Mr. Nadolna. “If an athlete doesn’t work over the off season the beginning weeks of their next season will not be as great as they could be as they will need to get back in shape and catch up with all their teammates instead of improving their game.”

The off season is a time for improvement and that is shown by the coaches and trainers that are there to help. Overall, if you are ever sitting around during the off season not motivated to get better, remember your opponents and teammates are working to get better, so you should be too.