Ready, set, SNAP!

Sports photography captures the best of athletics in timeless moments


With Saint Viator’s winter season ending and spring season just around the corner, the excitement for the newest collection of sports pictures continues to rise. Throughout the season, athletes train to the best of their abilities in order to perform the best during games. With at least a couple of fans appearing at every competition, they are encouraged to do better and play under the pressure of being watched by their family and friends. The game can be exciting, fun, and even stressful to watch, but do these factors increase with the presence of a camera?

 “Having media coverage at games makes the games more meaningful,” said photographer and teacher CJ Zimmerman. “It is a great way to preserve and share memories.”

As the person often behind the camera, Zimmerman knows how to capture all the exhilaration and suspense of our athletes, fans, and parents during sports events. His experience and talent in photography leaves athletes with great anticipation for their photos after games.

“The presence of…[photographers] excites the players and pushes us to perform our best,” said junior Meghan Hayes.

“It…[also] always makes [us] more excited knowing that [we] can see the pictures after the game,” said sophomore Kyli Ziebka.

Family and friends come together to all share in the excitement of the game, not only making it better for the athletes but for all their supporters as well.

“Personally, knowing that there’s going to be pictures taken at my game, I want to look good,” said sophomore Stella Zafiris. “I feel that when I look good, I feel good, and I play good, making my mental game better.”

With her sport now in season, it ignites a greater motivation for her to do better in times when that camera focuses on her. The players play better and the fans get more excited, what more can you want? The photographer and the photos really bring together Lions one game at a time, just with a simple snap!