Cowboys, colors, and Crazies, oh my!

Cahill Crazies work to come up with new and creative themes


Students at a home football game dress in the pink out theme. Opinions vary as to which themes are socially appropriate.

Sports themes act as a symbol of unity and pride for the school. Additionally, they grant encouragement towards whatever team may be playing at that time. It is safe to say that without themes like white out or country, sporting events would be far less eventful. As important as themes are, a variety is needed to keep the fans engaged in supporting our athletics. The players need all of the reinforcement they can get in order to be successful. So, just how limiting should sports themes be?
“I feel that themes bring a sense of unity and school spirit”, said Maggie Doland, a member of the senior leadership for the Cahill Crazies. “It shows people that we are proud of our school and the opposing team that we are proud to represent Saint Viator.”
School spirit is a huge part of the high school atmosphere. Showing that we are a part of the Viatorian community is something that is very special and a tool that is used to help bring motivation for all athletic teams. The themes make each game that much more engaging and are a part of the reason fans keep coming back.
“In some ways, Viator students are not able to fully express their school pride”, said Ana Fernandez, another senior member of the Cahill Crazies. “There are many enforced restrictions on student themes that hinder us from showing our full capability as being supportive fans of the Viator teams.”
Each person will have their own interpretations of different symbols, actions, clothing, etc. It is important that we stay considerate of the majority to ensure that no hate is being spread while also looking for outlets of potential themes that can bring unity. Reflection is a great tool to use so that we can please ourselves and others. When looking at new and banned themes, we can ask ourselves: Is this necessary? Does the theme clearly contain negative connotations? How can we make this positive? Is what we are doing setting a good example of what we as a community of Catholic students are pushing for, making this community of students supporting students an inclusive one?