Social media stars stun the world of professional sports

There is a new craze arising in modern times involving well known social media influencers in sports. We have seen YouTubers like KSI, Logan and Jake Paul contributing to the boxing scene by picking fights across their social media pages with other influencers. This is a type of entertainment that we may have never expected to see and it brings out the pride in most people. Of course, many current athletes involve themselves in social media through various methods. But, watching someone play a sport on live TV who was never destined to be a successful athlete is truly special. So, what sort of benefits can we find within this new style of entertainment?
“I think social media stars have made a huge impact on the atmosphere of boxing specifically,” said senior Luke Del Valle. “Content creators like the Paul Brothers and KSI have given inspiration to people around the world showing them anything is possible.”
Imagine seeing your favorite creator participate in something bigger and more worldwide. One may not feel nothing short of excitement inside themselves to see that person perform on the big stage. Watching someone you know compete can amplify the intense feelings that come with any sports match when rooting for a particular outcome. Being in sports is also another great step for these influencers to potentially promote their messages as being positive role models towards other generations.
“I think that they help broaden the sports audience,” said senior Matt Anesi. “They give others who may not be an avid sports fan something to cheer or root for and that in itself is special.”
Having a content creator in sports can definitely add a relatable feeling. We don’t always get to see professional athletes in their behind the scenes lives and true personalities. However, watching videos like vlogs can allow for someone to feel connected with that creator and encourage them to support their endeavors.
As big as platforms like YouTube and Twitch have become, it seems we are destined for an era of live sports where a variety of different entertainers will be collaborating in an effort to put on huge spectacles for all to enjoy.