Financial prospects sway major golf figures

With an unhinged checkbook, Saudi Arabia has bankrolled numerous golfers around the globe in an attempt to sports-wash their country. Created by Greg Norman, LIV Golf was created to be more enjoyable both for the players and for the viewers. Funded by the Saudi Arabian government, the league has caused an uproar in the golf industry. Numerous players and executives have spoken out against the league, condemning it for its relationship with the controversial country and their terrorist troubles. Regardless, the league has continued to grow with well-known names such as Dustin Johnson and Cameron Smith both leaving the PGA Tour to join the LIV Tour.The most obvious reason for players leaving is the absurd sums of money LIV is handing out; however, some of the players cite LIV’s unique rules like allowing shorts in events for joining.
“The PGA Tour simply doesn’t have the funds some of these players deserve, so I support the LIV players. They have a right to pursue the money that people are willing to give them,” said senior golfer Jack Spalding. Spalding supports the players that made the jump to LIV golf, many of whom are looking to make more money for their golfing talents.
“LIV isn’t real golf, it essentially ignores the old traditions that golfers have valued for years. Ultimately, I only think players are going to LIV because of the money, and they only have so much to give,” said golf coach Mr. David Lyons. Lyons takes a different angle, saying that LIV is only appealing to players because of the money and that over time they’ll realize it isn’t why they enjoy playing so much. However, no matter what encourages the players to join, LIV is growing rapidly, leading to the rise of new professional competitors.
As LIV started to grow, fear of fans losing interest in the PGA tour led professionals Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy founding TMRW Golf: a tech-based golf league designed for viewer entertainment. Though TMRW Golf doesn’t have funds like LIV, it has better golfers. By partnering with the PGA Tour, TMRW will have 19 of the top 20 official world ranked golfers supporting them.
“It’s understandable that people won’t want to support LIV because of its background, but for me it’s all about entertainment which is why I also support TMRW,” said junior golfer Loreto Chiovari. Chiovari seems to not worry about the controversy, preferring to watch golf mainly for its entertainment value. Ultimately, no one can say how golf will progress over the years, but with conflict, new ideas, and passionate people it will certainly be interesting to watch.