Mullets receive mulligan thanks to rising popularity


Jos Mendez

Coach Sobieszczyk proudly shows off his mullet, highlighting how the trend extends to students and staff alike.

There are many ways people express themselves, using clothing and makeup. Though every student has a different way of expressing themselves. One major way of expression is through their hair! Long, short, curly, straight,  students have a variety of different styles that they rock. A specific hairstyle that is taking the world by storm is the mullet.

The standard mullet is cut shorter in the front and sides, but a lot longer in the back. There are many variations of the mullet, but this is the typical style. Many students are proud of their mullets.

“Mullets are awesome! They look great, they feel great, just ask anyone with a mullet.”Sophomore Elliott Heckard proclaims. 

Elliott wears his mullet with a sense of pride around the school and explains that his mullet gives his complexion depth and shape. Even teachers think the same way about their own mullets! 

“It’s pretty life changing.” PE and health teacher Mr. Nicholas Sobieszczyk, speaks happily about his own mullet.

Many people see mullets as another hairstyle, but do they know the history of the mullet? 

The mullet dates back all the way to the ancient times of Rome. Mullets in this time period went by the name of the hunnic cut. Back in the 6th century BC, Roman warriors wore the hunnic cut during battle, for less frustration of being blinded by their own hair. This was many years ago, so why all of a sudden are mullets a major craze now?

Throughout history the mullet did not have that much of a presence until the long-hair movement of 1968. This movement was started by American pop band The Beatles, and inspired many singers and actors to grow out their hair in the 1960s to the 1980s. In this time, long hair was considered socially unacceptable and mullets were regarded as the worst hairstyle of all time. Though, many famous singers with mullets, such as David Bowie, Rod Stewart, and Paul McCartney, broke this hair standard and helped increase the mullet’s popularity. 

Furthermore, we see the mullet gain popularity in the recent year of 2020. Many say they got a mullet in an ironic way just to join a trend, though people continue to get them to this day. The mullet’s evolution is ongoing, being built up by the media and worn by students all over the country.