Varsity football takes on a new look

After the graduation of the class of ‘22, SVHS’s varsity football team’s roster confronted adversity as 13 starting spots were opened. Coming in to fill the gaps: many first time varsity starters. Losing many starters may seem daunting, but instead leads to an emphasis on development during the offseason, according to the coaching staff. 

“[We] always look…[to] maximize over the offseason; when you can grow in the offseason, it helps mitigate the loss of many starters,” said Coach Dave Archibald, the head coach of the football team. Through offseason lifts, position meetings, and individual meetings, the construction of the 22-23 football team began as soon as the previous season ended.

The idea of development in the offseason applies to much more than individual skill. Returning senior, Tai Truong, points out that the offseason time allows for the team to overcome any nervousness and to create a family that develops together.

 “As we worked hard during the offseason and our team chemistry was perfected, I grew more confident that we would be able to exceed expectations as a team, no matter what we faced,” said Truong. 

Similarly, junior Ryan Hutchens, said “I was pleasantly surprised how our team faced losing starters. Many people have risen up to the challenge and put in lots of hard work for the betterment of the team.” Many people on the team have accepted challenges of various kinds. Between three sophomores who have become full time varsity starters to senior captains accepting leadership roles, everyone on the team has contributed to help build the team to the best of its potential.

Looking ahead to the 23-24 season, similar challenges are in sight. With almost 50% of the current varsity roster being made up of seniors, similar adversity is expected. Coach Archibald, however, is not nervous. “Every new year is a new team with different strengths in different areas. Our goal is to maximize the talent we have, …and [to do] everything we can to accomplish that.”