Varsity athletes vs. PE, should they have to participate?

The debate of whether or not PE waivers should be used continues

Sports are a huge part of Saint Viator and high schools across the country. They are a way to bring the student body together and uplift school spirit. So, just how seriously should we take in preparing our athletes to perform for Saint Viator to the best of their abilities? More specifically, should they have to participate in PE class prior to games?

“They shouldn’t have to participate in PE class,” said Patrick Bauer, one of the senior captains on the football team. “It tires out the player and creates a much larger risk of receiving cramps and injuries that can change the outcome of a football game.”

Many players do not like to run into the potential of hurting themselves prior to a game as they have been practicing and waiting all week for big moments like this and not being able to would be a letdown.

“I would feel disappointed,” said John Whelan, a senior varsity soccer player. “The fact that a PE workout or game could be the cause of me not being able to play in my match or for a big portion of my season.”

On the contrary, PE teachers offer accommodations to their classes in a way that supports the athlete before a game.

“All students should participate in PE whether they are a Varsity athlete or not,” said Mr. Dan Edminster, a Wellness teacher. “We do modify classes for those athletes both in the fitness center and outside so that they do not feel as burned out or tired before a game.”

Public schools also require 8 semesters of PE and use PE waivers.

“In regards to PE waivers, we do not have those at Saint Viator while public schools do,” said Mr. Edminster. “Public schools are registered for a full year of PE while Viator students only need 3 semesters of PE”.

The debate of whether or not varsity athletes should participate in physical education while in season is one that is very polarizing between students and administrators, and whether or not there will be change or a different solution to the supposed issue is still in the air.