Barely Bearable: Bears fans disappointed again


Art by Marion Krowczyk

Less than two months into the NFL season, Bears fans are already disappointed. The start to the Bears season brought about high expectations and hopes of a playoff run. After drafting Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, fans expected it to be a season that would go down in history. Fields showed promise for the Bears with his great arm and ability to run.
“I think the move to get Fields was the smartest move since Khalil Mack,” said senior Lucas Doland.
However, the Bears continue to be the major disappointment of a team they have been in past years. After two embarrassing early losses, the Bears failed to live up to the high expectations of fans.
“The Bears need to get their act together, said sophom0re John Hutchinson. “Specifically, they need to improve their leadership.”
Many blame head coach Matt Nagy for their unsuccessful start to the season. The twitter hashtag “firemattnagy” has become commonplace for Bears fans ranting about coaching mistakes he has made. There, they discuss what he should have done in the games and other decisions could have led them to victory. Their embarrassing 26-6 loss to the Cleveland Browns was only made worse by their mere forty-seven offensive yards. Nagy’s bad play calling received much criticism after this humbling loss. The Bears weak offensive line also receives a lot of blame for their average start to the season. Most games that they have lost have been close, showing that they can compete with many teams. Wins like those against the Oakland Raiders prove that Justin Fields has great potential as he played well after taking many hard hits from Raiders defensemen.
The Bears have a challenging schedule ahead of them that may cause difficulty in the coming weeks. If they are able to continue to play through challenges and work hard as a team, they may have a chance for an incredible end to the season.