Athletes lift weights—and spirits—despite setbacks

The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching, but for athletes, the bad news just keeps coming.  Despite nationwide efforts, the coronavirus has reared its head, and the number of cases continue to increase, especially in Illinois.  Winter sports have become the newest victim, being pushed, to the best of our knowledge, into 2021.  Nevertheless, dedicated student athletes have been participating in weekly team workouts, working their hardest to be ready for a season that may or may not happen.  Typically, there would be tournaments and practices over the holiday breaks in order to keep athletes in shape and ready for the continuation, or beginning of their seasons.  Unfortunately, with new protocols being issued these events will not be taking place in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Everything concerning this virus is very touch and go, thus athletes have had to take training into their own hands.  

“Training outside is getting increasingly difficult, but when I can, I go on runs,” said freshman Allie Konopka.  As winter approaches, and the state begins to shut down again, there are two options: brave the cold, or work inside.  This by itself presents a different set of complications, for there are very few indoor locations that are currently open. 

Yet, strength and conditioning coach Alex Nadolna, is confident that individuals will continue to push themselves to be the best athletes they can be, both in and outside school.  

“There is no magic bullet that gets the job done. Just stay moving and get your heart rate up,” said Coach Nadolna.  

Although it is extremely unfortunate that many athletes are currently missing out on their highly anticipated seasons, it is important to try and see the silver lining.  

“I cannot wait to get back out on the field and spend time with my teammates,” said junior Joe Thiel.

 It is crucial to attempt to keep a positive mindset when thinking about the Coronavirus situation.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and everyone is working as hard as possible to get these beloved sport seasons back underway.