Experienced core supports lacrosse team


Dominic Yonkus

Senior Dominic Yonkus runs during lacrosse practice.

When many people think about succeeding in a sport, the first component that comes to mind is talent.  People debate whether a team is worthwhile based on the talented players the team is composed of. However, there is a more significant factor: experience.

Experience is the most important quality that a sports team can have, especially for a lacrosse team, and the Saint Viator varsity lacrosse team has a lot of it this year.

“As a group we got loads of college athletes and the culture surrounding Viator lacrosse is like none other,” said senior Michael Campagna, varsity lacrosse player and Illinois Wesleyan Commit.

Having experience allows a team to win with or without talent since players have been around the game long enough to know the tips and tricks to playing well and succeeding.  The Viator lacrosse team has many experienced and talented seniors that will continue playing lacrosse in college such as seniors Connor and Jacob Freeman, who are going to be playing at Lafayette next year, and Michael Campagna, who is going to be playing at Illinois Wesleyan.  These star seniors along with all of the other talented upperclassmen on the team will help lead the lacrosse team to a long and successful season.  

“The varsity team this year has a ton of experience with all the seniors,” said Connor Freeman. “This experience on the field is going to contribute greatly to our teams success because it has taught many of our players how to play with leadership, discipline, and intensity. The seniors are looking to pass on their experience to the younger players so that we can have a successful season this year!” 

Mr. Patrick Gaeger, ’08, the varsity lacrosse coach, recognizes the importance of senior experience on the team as well.

“There’s no question that we’ve been gifted with tremendous talent, but that guarantees us nothing. This 2020 roster is littered with players who’ve committed most of their time to the game of lacrosse. If this team wants to be special, they need to lean upon their experienced seniors,” said Mr. Gaeger.