International trips continue to travel through athletes’ minds


Photo courtesy of Mike Taylor and David Stahl

Despite the widespread rumors about the end of international sports trips, it turns out these invaluable trips are here to stay.

International trips will continue to bless the students and coaches with their benefits. These trips have many cultural benefits as it is important for students to experience other cultures to help them with interactions later in life.

“We think it is valuable to all of our students to learn a different culture, a different language, and see a part of the world that maybe they won’t ever have an opportunity to see,” said Mr. Kuffel, the athletic director.

Along with introducing new cultures to the students, these trips also help with team bonding. By spending two weeks overseas as a team, players and coaches are able to get to know each other on and off the field which helps build community and team chemistry.

“These trips definitely help in regard to team bonding, getting to know your teammates better, the coaches getting to know the student athletes, the student athletes getting to know the coaches,” said Mr. Kuffel.

The soccer program has experienced these benefits firsthand.

“These trips have been the staple of the soccer program,” said Mr. Kuffel.

Members of the soccer program look forward to the trip from the second they step onto the field as a freshman.

“At the start of the trip most of us didn’t really know each other, but the trip allowed us to meet people we didn’t know before and in the end we became a really bonded team,” said Matt Oleksyk, a junior on the soccer team.

Even seniors who have played soccer for the team for four years still experience the benefits of these trips.

“Getting to know your teammates off the field is important because it’s always fun to know someone by more than just how they play soccer,” said Bryce McDonnell, a senior on the varsity soccer team.  “Soccer is more than just playing soccer, but using the sport to meet other people and grow not only physically but intellectually as well, and these trips reflect that.”