Make racket for tennis

There are many sports that are do not receive the attention they deserve. One of these sports is tennis. Players in tennis at times feel like the sport they love is overlooked, and they want to share their love of tennis to others.

“It isn’t a top priority at our school,” said Matthew Onischick, sophomore and member of the varsity tennis team. “In general, it seems to not be a popular sport at our school since there’s only underclassmen that play.”

The more members that are a part of tennis not only helps financially but also introduces people to a new hobby that can become a lifelong habit. Hopefully, as the current underclassmen progress, they can help spike popularity and exposure among incoming students.

Tennis is different than other sports because it does not involve contact and the games are focused on the individual. Tennis includes playing singles, which means a person can play one-on-one, or doubles where a person can play with a partner.

“I feel that promoting to people that it’s a no-cut sport and offer of trial equipment could help especially offering it to people who do get cut from the bigger sport so that they have an activity options even when cut from the first choice,” said sophomore Jack Franczyk, member of the junior varsity team.

For newcomers who are looking to make friends and engage in new activities, tennis is the perfect avenue to pursue because it is a no-cut sport, and it provides many opportunities to not only have fun meeting others but to also strengthen and develop new skills.

“I used to play in college,” said Mrs. Rosemary Castellucci. “What I like most about the sport was the camaraderie and the friendships you make in the sport.”

In addition, tennis can be played for a person’s whole life and is very easy to learn. As well, it introduces people to new friends who they may not have met otherwise. If you are looking for something new to try, go pick up a racket and meet some incredible new people!