Struggles of multi-sport athletes

Change in season brings challenges yet renews spirit

Teenagers’ schedules are filled with rushing from one practice to a next. The transition from one sport to another can be extremely difficult because of the rough injuries obtained and the difficulty of learning new plays. Despite the love athletes have for the sports they play, it is overwhelming to try to balance their social and academic life on top of the commitments they have to their team. As a result of failing to balance a busy schedule, negative consequences ensue, such as grades dropping.

“With wrestling it’s difficult because we have practice from 3:45-6:00 and I don’t get home until 7, then I have to shower and then I don’t have enough free time,” said Stefano Lanzi, a junior on the golf, wrestling, and track teams.

It can be a lot playing multiple sports, rushing from practice to practice, and remembering how to correctly time plays. Those are some of the many hardships of becoming a multi-sport athlete. That’s why it can be sometimes nerve-wracking when you have to balance sports and expectations.

“In soccer I get the most nervous because the games tend to be more important, to me at least, than most high school games due to colleges watching, and worrying about making a wrong mistake,” said Lilly Collins, a sophomore on the basketball, swimming, and soccer teams.

When playing so many sports, rushing from practice to practice can be difficult. Trying to make few mistakes while trying to remember plays and focus one winning is intense.

“A lot of them [athletes] play other sports, so they do club to keep up,” said Kathy Gallagher who coaches girls swimming, field hockey club, and lacrosse.

Going from one sport to the next can be a lot and sometimes you can get rusty. To avoid losing skills, coaches suggest joining a club and practicing outside of the mandatory practices. Getting extra playing time to sharpen skill is a great way to help athletes get better. Although it can be a lot on student athletes’ plates, physically and mentally, loving sports and being disciplined and dedicated makes it easier to play so many sports.