Varsity soccer success depends on one characteristic

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“I learned about life with a ball at my feet,” said professional soccer player Ronaldinho, who discusses how an athlete can learn multiple things other than how to play better while playing a sport.  This past season, St. Viator boys varsity soccer finished 2nd in conference. A key part of this impressive finish was leadership from the seniors.

There were 8 seniors on the team this year. They helped lead the team through their adversity and motivate the rest of the team when they were in tight situations.

“One important part of their ability to lead is their experience.” said Coach T.J. King. Experience is obtained from playing on varsity for multiple years, and players over the years have the ability to learn from the different captains and leaders of the team. Great leaders on a team is essential.

“Characteristics of a good leader are setting a good example for the rest of the team, following through on their responsibilities, and respecting everybody, whether they are teammates or coaches,” said Coach King.

In addition, another contribution that leaders and captains of the soccer team have is helping to enable the rest of the team to become not only better players, but also people overall as well.

“The impact the seniors have had on the team was that they are such big influences on the younger guys and they all want us to be as good as them and help us strive to be better,” said sophomore Seb Howarth, a varsity soccer player. “The seniors treat the rest of their us as brothers and they teach us how to become more like family”.

This further explains how good leaders not only lead on the field, but also help their teammates get close and bond together.

“The seniors also helped me become a better person and they are all leaders,” Conrad Glodz, a sophomore also on the varsity team.

These 8 athletes have proven that they are great leaders and will surely be missed on the team next year because they have been spoken so highly of by many people involved with the Saint Viator varsity boys soccer team.


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