Lift weight off your shoulders and join powerlifting club

You go to the gym, and you grab the first pair of weights you see. You start to lift and you can feel your muscles burning and you start to sweat. Want to get ripped? Join the Powerlifting Club to build your strength and character.

The powerlifting club encompasses a group of students who participate in competitions where they squat, bench press, and deadlift against other high schools in the area during the winter and spring seasons.

“Similar to field events in track, you get three tries to lift as much weight as you can in one rep for bench press, squat, and deadlift,” said senior Joseph Turzitti, a member of the powerlifting club.
In order to win, a member of the club needs to lift the most weight while performing these exercise.

“The goal for our team is to compete and win all of the meets that we attend, qualify for state in both the boys and girls divisions, to help the community through service, to strive for self betterment every day, and to grow stronger bonds with each other,” said junior Parker Hellgeth, member of the powerlifting club.

Members of the powerlifting club are committed. To them, participating in the club is not just working out, but it is also about being the best version of themselves in everything that they do.
From an outside perspective, other students and faculty are often unable to see the intensity of powerlifting. It requires the participants to be focused and work together and not just to be a jock.

“It’s not just a bunch of meatheads listening to heavy metal and lifting weights,” said strength and conditioning coach, Alexander Nadolna.

The club is about working together and building each other up in both the sport and in their daily lives. The powerlifting club was originally started by Rich McLoughlin, the previous strength and conditioning coach, 3 years ago. Last year when Coach Nadolna started working at Saint Viator, he took over the powerlifting club. His goal for the club is to make people more aware of what the Powerlifting Club is and to increase the membership of the club.

If you are interested in joining the Powerlifting Club, they are always accepting members and to join all you have to do is to show up at one of their meetings during activity periods. Put down the weight of stress that is bringing you down, and go lift some weight with the powerlifting club today!