Golf relies on more than fundamentals


drawing by Kayla Johnson

The boys golf team, who placed second in state last year, plans to slow down their game and work on their technical skills. Through their hard work they hope to have a shot at winning state this year.

    The golf team has been working very hard over the last few years with three state championship wins and two runner-ups under their belt. They are predicting a very important season this year.

“We’re on track to win state this year,” said freshman Grayson Hill.

To prepare for this predicted great season, the players have put in hours upon hours of work. Their technique has improved significantly through their constant practice. The goal is to become as close to perfect as possible.

“We want to lower our stroke count as much as possible,” said freshman Michael Carpenter.

If the golf time succeeds in this goal it will lead to a better score overall for their game.

In addition, the golf team is aiming to have patience and take their time during the season. In the past, they felt as if they were rushing through their season only trying to to get to state, but this year Coach Jack Halpin wants to do something about that.

“Our focus for this season is to play one tournament at a time and try not to get to far ahead of ourselves this year,” said head coach Jack Halpin.

Coach Halpin believes if they can successfully slow down their thought process for the season, then they can focus more on their individual events.

This year, the golf team received new leadership on varsity with the captains being Nolan Doherty, Timmy Crawford, and EJ Reisinger. Also, the freshman/sophomore team has received a new coach, Mr. Ryan. He will being helping to lead and coach the team this season.

If the golf team has a season as successful as predicted, then you can find them at the sectional competition on October 6 and the state finals on October 12 and 13 at the Den Golf Course in Bloomington, Illinois.