Who is the New Athletic Director?


“Why do I love Saint Viator? I love Saint Viator because I see the student body and teachers as family,” said Jack Liedlich, a sophomore.

Schools are composed of a network of people who work together to ensure it is in the best condition for all current and future Lions. Students at times are unaware of the hard work that is required in the position of the Athletic Director to create the numerous available opportunities of success that are offered. However, every student or visitor that walks into Saint Viator appreciates the family feeling.

“I feel the camaraderie. We are all here as a family apart of something bigger than ourselves,” said Mr. Jason Kuffel, athletic director.

    Mr. Jason Kuffel has recently become the new athletic director. Regardless of how essential this role is to Saint Viator, most students are unaware of what specifically Mr. Kuffel does in his position. In addition to overseeing all the athletic teams ranging from freshman to varsity, he completes multiple daily tasks with his team of Mrs. Susan McNamara and Coach Dave Archibald.

“We take care of all the details that go into running athletic events or having students or athletes go out to them,” said Mr. Kuffel. “That goes from scheduling events or to making sure that buses and vans are here for them [teams] and that the bills are paid. We also make sure coaches follow some of the Saint Viator pillars of excellence here.”

This role is essential for athletics to be successful, but it requires someone who is willing to work for something bigger than himself.

    Mr. Kuffel plans to continue the path of excellence Viator has been striving to impose. He plans on leaving his mark with not only the community of Saint Viator, but how the actual school is run. Specifically, Mr. Kuffel was excited to share some of his future plans.

“We are also really excited for this NFHS network,” said Mr. Kuffel.

A NFHS network is two cameras located within Cahill Gym and Forest View Stadium that will allow anyone to view sporting events taking place, such as volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, and football. This ensures that whenever a sick day strikes that leaves a student too ill to attend the football game, the game is at their fingertips! Most importantly, family members all around the world can view the games for only a $35 yearly subscription. Mr. Kuffel consistently shows that he will do whatever it takes to offer the best opportunities to student athletes.

As well, Mr. Kuffel has created a positive atmosphere for all students.

“Coach Kuffel is always there to make sure everyone is involved at Saint Viator. Overall, he makes it a better place for everyone,” said Sarah Mepham, a junior who is a part of the girls soccer program.

Without him, the school would be an entirely different place. He has always been extremely welcoming to all students and has helped to ease the transition into high school.

“One of the first staff persons I met from Saint Viator was Mr. Kuffel, and he instantly made me feel confident in the environment I was going into,” said Joseph Laterza, a sophomore.

Countless of other students have the same recollection of their experience, and it would not have been possible without the support of Mr. Kuffel.

There is no one more qualified than Mr. Kuffel, who himself is a Saint Viator alumni.

“I coached here for 9 years,” said Mr. Kuffel, “I have a true passion for what goes behind the scenes in practice and really what development occurs physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Students recognize the importance of Coach Kuffel.

“He exemplifies the communal aspect of Saint Viator where everyone is closer than what you would find in any other public school,” said Joseph Laterza. “He really made me feel welcomed and I was no longer afraid of going to Saint Viator because I knew I would have an idea of culture, and I knew I would have someone to go to if I had any troubles.”

Everyone at Saint Viator is thankful for Coach Kuffel and is extremely excited to see the success he will have.