Through a Lion’s Eye

What is your favorite memory from this volleyball season? What makes it so great?

“The best memory from the volleyball season was winning regionals because while I’ve been at Saint Viator we have never won regionals. The last time Saint Viator won regionals was in 2009. We hosted regionals as well, and because it was easy to get to, we had a lot of student support. Another great memory is beating Carmel because we always lose to them.”

What was it like to advance so far into the playoffs?

“It was really exciting to make it all the way to the sectional finals. The games got tougher and we had to step up our game each time to advance. We also made sure to focus on the games that we were in first. It was very exciting to make it so far and have the whole school supporting us.”

What key components led to your team doing so well during this run?

“We had a strong senior class and we also had underclassmen such as Michaela Mueller, our setter. The seniors wanted to go out in the best possible way, so we were really motivated to do well. It also helped that we were seeded high in our sectional.”

If you could tell one thing to volleyball players for the future, what would it be?

“Don’t ever take a moment for granted when your playing. Always work hard and listen and take criticism from people.”

What college are you going to and what are your expectations for playing volleyball there?
“I am going to the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I expect to get a lot better because I will be playing with collegiate athletes who are more experienced than me and the awesome coaching staff. I will make the best of my opportunity and I am so excited.”