Students share their plans for summer fun in the sun

Since summer break is only a few months away, and our school year is coming to an end soon, there is only one question: what are Viator students going to do during this summer break? Students plan to travel to exotic places, spend time with family, and simply, soak in the summer sun.
Freshman Xochitl Churi says that she and her mom go to any tropical/humid places over the summer such as Florida, or Hawaii, etc. She says that they normally go for as long as a week just for fun and to spend time with each other. Xochitl and her mom love to spend quality time with each other, and they cherish every moment they get to spend with each other.
Freshman Kaitlin Power says, “In the summer I always go to Florida. I have a house in the Florida Keys, so we always spend time down there, usually catching lobster and driving at the reef.” Kaitlin also states, “I also visit a bunch of family and just hang with friends.”
Switching to a more sports-related summer, sophomore Brendan Patton explains, “I do tournaments, and I play maybe once or twice a week when I can get a ride to the course.” Brendan is on the golf team here at Viator, and he likes to get as much practice in as he can, so he will take up any opportunity he can to golf. He also enjoys golfing with his friends because he finds it to be more fun. On a more serious level, he also does many golf tournaments in the summer. “I golf with my friends and I sometimes go on my own and practice”, says Brendan.
As students at Saint Viator prepare for both spring and summer breaks, they become more connected with their communities, families, and the world around them.