‘One Stoplight Town’ promises to brighten stage

Viator theatre turns spotlight to first student-directed spring play


Jos Mendez

The cast of ‘One Stoplight Town’ gathers onstage for the first script readthrough.

While Saint Viator usually only has two theatrical productions every school year, this year, a spring play has been added as a part of senior Abby Young’s senior project.
“One Stoplight Town” is a one act production that focuses on several stories from the titular tiny town. From a young couple falling in love to a runaway learning just how nice her town is, this show has something for everyone. Production began in late February, and will make its debut in late April. Though a bit of an unorthodox experience, many of the actors have been having a great time thus far.
“It’s definitely more of a relaxed, casual environment, and I feel less nervous about asking questions with a student leader,” senior Margaret Fecko, who plays “Trish” explains, “A student led play is a really cool idea, and it’s nice that theater people get to have an experience in the spring instead of just the fall and winter.”
In addition to a less stressful and more flexible schedule, many find joy in a newer, shorter experience, as it is rare for the school to do one-act shows.
“I enjoy that it’s a shorter production. I didn’t know how it would fit in my schedule at first, so I auditioned kind of last minute,” Sophomore Grace Adler, who plays ¨Runaway,” says, “But in the end, I’m glad I chose to try out. I love supporting my friends in theater, and when I saw that Abby was going to be directing, I was excited and knew that I wanted to support the project. Being in a student led production has been very different, but at the same time, very fun.”
In addition to the actors, the people behind the scenes have high hopes for the production as well.
“I chose ‘One Stoplight Town’ because I thought it was a sweet and simple one act story,” director Abby Young claims, “I wanted to do this project because theater usually doesn’t have much to do in the spring. I really hope that the actors feel as if they have just as much of a say in what’s going on as I do.”
Though the show still has a long way to go before opening night, it is safe to say that it will be an experience to remember.