Small businesses seek out support

Small businesses are privately owned and have relatively small revenues and groups of employees. Recently, light has been shed on the importance of shopping locally and from small businesses. Shopping from small businesses has many positive effects, including supporting local communities and reducing carbon footprint. 


According to Forbes, large chain stores often receive tax breaks, which deprives local communities of financial support. Small businesses do not receive such tax breaks, so purchasing from them invests in the local communities. This money gets cycled into the safety and education of communities, making them a better place to live. “For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $68 recirculates and remains in our local economy. Only $43 remains in our community when it’s spent at a national chain” (“Why Buy Local?”). In addition, Small businesses regularly support charitable causes and nonprofits. “Small businesses donate almost 2.5x more per employee to local charitable causes than large, national competitors” (“Why Buy Local?”). This is significant because small businesses directly impact the finances and charities of local communities. It is clear that small businesses drastically and positively affect local communities financially. 


Shopping locally significantly affects one’s carbon footprint because it reduces food mileage. This means that the distance one’s food travels to get to them decreases, which lessens air pollution and fossil fuel waste. Because the food doesn’t have to travel as far, it is still fresh when bought. This prevents the need for pesticides and toxins that many large-scale farms use to preserve food. Because small businesses mainly cater to customers within their community, they are generally located in a central location, reducing the distance people drive to buy their goods. The accessible location of small businesses reduces the amount of air pollution created. It is clear that shopping from small businesses effectively reduces one’s carbon footprint. 


Because of these positive effects, and many more, it is essential to consider shopping from small and local businesses. It positively affects your community, the environment, and yourself.