Turnabout: What will the turnabout be this year?


February is here, and that means that it’s dancing season! Saint Viator’s annual winter dance is themed Welcome to the Jungle, held indoors on February 25th. But what’s really the name of the dance? The winter dance is called multiple different names by various students, but Turnabout seems to be the standard name at Saint Viator. This is mainly due to the tradition of females asking the males, as a means of ‘turning-about’ the way males ask females for the Homecoming dance or Prom. However, a small number of students and faculty believe the dance to be known as the Winter Ball, contrary to popular belief. 

Molly Boyle, the Executive Committee Member for Special Events, says, “[The name] Turnabout can be a bit misleading; anyone can go to the dance … [but] I think the name has stuck as a Viator tradition. Whatever you call it—it is a fun-filled night of music and fun for all!”

Turnabout or Winter Ball nonetheless, tickets are only $15, and profits made from the winter dance are directed towards reducing costs of the Class of 2024’s Prom. If you don’t have a reason to stay at home, come help support our Juniors by buying tickets and having an awesome time.

Saint Viator students are raring to get on the dancefloor, especially after a less-better-than-expected dance last year. One student says it was mainly due to post-COVID inconveniences that didn’t allow for a normal dance, yet others have different ideas. According to students that attended last year, complaints of a lack of upperclassmen and people overall, hot gym, and many separated groups of people due to a lack of unity are all issues that could use some work this time around. But that wasn’t the case for everybody. Some students think that the dance was put together well and a great event to just have fun with other people. Regardless of opinion, this year will be different for the better. A spirit week is expected to take place the week before the dance, too, so the dance should be revitalized in an interesting new way.

Emily Lang, the Executive Committee Member for School Culture, says, “[Spirit Week] will be packed with fun events including dress-down days, scavenger hunts, movies played at lunch, limbo competitions and more! There will also be chances to win prizes and free tickets to the dance.”

Many hold high hopes for the winter dance this year, and it looks like it has a brand new face for 2023. This winter dance will be an event to remember, so don’t forget to grab that $15 you need to buy yourself a ticket, and get ready to be Welcomed to the Jungle on Saturday the 25th!