It takes a village

Students, staff show gratitude for unsung heroes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, it is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on all those “unsung heroes” that form our school community. It takes a village of selfless, engaged, committed and giving educators, staff, clergy, parents, volunteers, alumni and generous donors to carry on the day-by-day operations of a renowned academic institution such as Saint Viator High School.

By taking a first look at the buildings and grounds of an impressive well-kept campus, with a traditional flair, it is easy to see that the personnel take pride in keeping the school tidy and updated day in and day out.

“I am thankful for the Building and Grounds Crew: Martin Castaneda, Simon Marcial, Mark Rychlik, and Greg Smith,” said Mr. Hynek, Mathematics teacher. 

It is important to recognize, that every day in order for our Viatorian home to function properly and seamlessly, like a well-oiled machine as the ideal expected scenario, there is a village of incredibly competent and kind people that make it happen.

Everyone counts, and every role is vital, every individual is important and we are thankful to all of them.

“I definitely consider the Building and Grounds Department one of the unsung heroes of SVHS,” said Br. Peter Lamick, CSV, Theology teacher. “I know that we would not be able to worship at Mass without all the preparation work they do to set up the Cahill Gymnasium. The Building and Grounds Department enables us to live, deepen and celebrate our faith together as a SVHS community.”

Every single one of the students ambassadors and volunteers regularly gives their time to mentor, aid, and collaborate in clubs such as the Environmental Club, LINK crew, and Mass ministers.

“I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made here at Viator,” said Genevieve Derwin, senior.

Mrs. Laura Klaw, French teacher, called Mrs. Carolyn Gerbatsch, Faculty Workroom Coordinator, an unsung hero.

“Carolyn will get a card for all to sign or help to organize meal delivery, said Mrs. Klaw. “Carolyn is always thinking of others and how to make them feel better if they are having a rough time.”

It is important to be grateful to all of those that take to heart the Viator Way by following the S.T.R.I.V.E path of sacrificing intentionally granting their own personal time to ensure that the students receive an excellent academic and athletic experience. It takes a village of members of the faculty that do just that.

From the commitment and dedication of our teachers,  volunteering at football games, open house, retreats, clubs, and events to the mentorship of coaches that go above and beyond in their generosity leading by example inside and outside the classroom and for that, we are beholden to all of them.

“An unsung hero is Mr. Neville, my Lit teacher,” said senior Camille Chu. “He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. His life lessons he teaches us during class is unforgettable. Not only is he a smart man, but he gives us outside-of-school advice and how to excel in the real world.” 

“I would say that I look up most to Mr. Callero as a teacher because I admire his hard work and being able to help me with any questions I have on homework in the Scanlan center,” said senior Sara Firestone.

At Viator, we are nurturing our spirit and soul thanks to the leadership of Fr. Dan Lydon, the clergy, and the team at Campus Ministry who welcomed all of us with open arms giving us space to shine through our spirit and service.

It is the time to give thanks to everyone in our village because it takes all of us to enjoy the bountiful blessing that is being a Lion.