A club run by the students, for the students

Have you ever wanted to take a greater role in the development and public image of our school? Perhaps you’re interested in giving back to the community, or you want to focus on the well-being of students?
Student Council is just the club, available to current sophomores, juniors, and even freshmen starting second semester. Composed of a variety of different committees, there’s something for anyone. The main committees include: Intramural, Philanthropy, Recruitment, School Culture, Special Events, and Student Wellness. Class Representatives are another option, directed at an easier role of spreading the word for other committees.
Junior Ranya Alkass, part of the Recruitment Committee, said that she joined Student Council because of the great real-time involvement she gets by actively helping students feel together every day.
Ranya specifically said about Recruitment, “[it] is about involving not just the Viator community within the school but the kids and the community. It is a committee about spreading joy during stress-filled school days for highschoolers.”
Another sophomore, Elliott Heckard, a member of the Intramural Committee, said he joined Student Council to gain better leadership skills that will help him in the future.
Elliott said one of the pros to Intramural Committee is that “we get to organize sports, games, and other activities outside of [school] sports and actually get to make something happen. It’s not just [about] hanging up flyers or making announcements.”
Talks of even moving finals to be before winter break are fueled by Student Council discussion. The club is a great way for students to understand more about schoolwide developments that may not be upfront. There are many different events (big or small) that you can attend or help plan, whether it be the upcoming Winter Ball or something like the Walter-Peyton Toy Drive. Student Council only regularly meets once a week on Wednesdays, after school in the Commons, so join and be in the know!