Finals before break…finally!

Students applaud decision to hold exams in December 2023

By this time next year we will be meeting for finals.
How will it work? It will take place in the week of Dec. 18, 2023. This will be the same format as in previous years just that now it will take place before the break instead of after. Finals will be conducted over 4 days, two finals per day. Each final will be 75 minutes each.
“[It] Mirrors much of what colleges who are on a semester system do with regards to finals,” said Principal Jon Baffico. “They are administered before the students leave for Christmas break and thus as a college preparatory school, this change helps us best support our students when they eventually go off to college…It gives the students a true break rather than having to worry about studying for exams over the holidays.”
What do the students think? An overwhelming number of students agree with Mr. Baffico. According to an online poll of 155 students 76.8% of students would like finals before winter break, while 23.2% would disagree with Mr. Baffico and have it after winter break.
Freshman Sean Halpin says that having early finals is better.
“You don’t forget all the [material covered in class],” said Halpin.
Michael Benigni, another freshman, agrees with not having finals after winter break.
“I wouldn’t spoil my Christmas break worrying about the final; I would just like to spend a week of being in school and studying to prepare for the final.” This viewpoint agrees with Mr. Baffico’s; giving kids an actual Christmas break and making it stress-free.
Will this decision be final? As of right now, yes, according to Mr. Baffico. After it has been tested out, he said, the administration will re-think the decision and decide if it is final. It may also change based on student feedback and performance.
Will this change be beneficial to students? Maybe, finals occurring earlier will give students a real break over Christmas but that will also mean that they will have to study earlier. Another plus to early finals as mentioned earlier is that it helps make the transition from high school to college smoother, as these finals align themselves with college finals.
Mr. Baffico strongly beliefs that this is the right way to go as students will not forget everything but remember more, and that they will get an actual break which could improve in-class performance after the holidays.
“I believe it will not only improve performance, but [also] the students’ well-being as they will have a true break when we leave in December,” he said.
One way or another, for now, early finals are here to stay.