Shopping proves positive on consumers’ mentality

Have you felt the need to purchase something new? Most people would answer yes. This describes the issue that people naturally search for new items on the market. Gaining a stronger sense of control and admiration for novelty are reasons people pursue a money-spending lifestyle.
People tend to seek control over their lives and new ways to spend money. Conveniently, these two habits cross over. According to a 2014 Journal of Consumer Psychology study, “the choices and outcomes inherent in the act of shopping can restore a feeling of personal control and autonomy” (Brain & Spine).
Similarly, when there are new deals and sales, people are more likely to spend more money on an item they would never have bought without the price change. This creates a domino effect because customers will buy more products because they feel they will miss out on the sale, therefore not making a money-conscious decision. For instance, Black Friday is a prime example of over-purchasing when deals and sales are present. As a result, customers rush to stores, even before the sun rises, fearing all the good deals will be gone. Regardless of price changes, people will strive to buy to gain control over their lives and even rise above others.
To feel special, individuals buy newer, more expensive items. Nonetheless, whether they make such purchases out of necessity or pure desire, they still wish to make bold purchases. To feel superior to others, one may buy something few people can afford or even know about. The need to stand out is a common attribute amongst human beings that do not dissolve entirely regardless of personality type. Small actions can be done, consciously or not, to set someone aside from others. In this case, making purchases that stand out from the crowd of buyers can elevate a person’s uniqueness and, therefore, perception of themselves.
Whether comparing themselves to others or seeking control over their lives, people love doing these things within the shopping field. Although shopping can give significant dopamine boosts, too much of it can create an addiction that causes poverty. To avoid this, people must use other coping mechanisms, such as exercising and eating right, which also gives off high dopamine levels.