White Sox surge into spotlight


Art by Magda Szczerbinski

After nearly a decade of a Cubs-dominated Chicago, the focus has gone south to the White Sox. Under manager Tony La Russa, the White Sox had a winning season, standing 93-69 before playoffs. Although the team has endured many injuries this season, their perseverance and resilience has led them to outstanding victories.
“Although the team had many injuries they were still able to run away with the division,” said theology teacher and White Sox fan Mr. Zach Wulbert.
Stacked with pitchers such as Lance Lynn, Lucas Giolito and Carlos Rodon, the White Sox were destined to perform well. Reliever Liam Hendriks made a significant impact on the team’s record by leading the National League with 38 saves. ESPN reported that the team had the highest average pitch velocity among the teams playing in the postseason.
The White Sox have not only gained recognition for their phenomenal pitchers this season. First baseman José Abreu impressed fans with his reliability and drive. According to NBC Sports Chicago, Abreu is the third White Sox player to bat in 100 or more runs in a season, joining Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko, both of whom were on the World Series-winning 2005 team.
Besides Abreu’s impressive statistics, Tim Anderson held a remarkable batting average of .309, hitting above .300 for three consecutive seasons.
“The big part of this year was the development of young players,” said Mr. Wulbert. “This season, we saw players like Tim Anderson and Luis Robert become stars.”
Besides celebrating a successful season, White Sox fans were glad to see their team in the playoffs.
“Going into the postseason, I was very excited to just be in the playoffs,” said senior Kyle Wallisch. “Excluding last year, it had been a 13-year drought the Sox had been in the playoffs so this obviously was an exciting time for the team.”
Despite losing to the Houston Astros in the first series of the playoffs, White Sox fans hope to have another successful season next year.
“I was a little disappointed with their early exit,” said sophomore Sophie Vernoski. “I hope next season [the White Sox] will go a little further, but I’m happy with their performance overall.”