Flex time fosters greater student involvement


Students gather for one of a plethora of club meetings taking place during flex time. Photo by Jack Krowczyk

Flex time, taking place from 2:45 to 3:15, has had a tremendously beneficial effect on Saint Viator students. Flex time provides students with a consistent time to meet with their teachers or do homework in the commons. It prevents students from being torn between having to choose to miss a club or attend a sports practice late. Flex time allows students to become more involved with Saint Viator and to become well-rounded people.

In previous years, students often felt overwhelmed and aggravated if they had to, for example, miss half of their sports practices for a mandatory club meeting. Flex time prevents major conflicts and allows students to become more involved in the Saint Viator community.

The creation of flex time also provides students with a recurring period to meet with teachers to get clarity on the class material or to get help with homework. It is important for students to talk to their teacher if they were, for example, out of school due to illness so that they can keep up with their school work. Some students may argue that flex time is too long and unnecessary. However, if students don’t participate in a club during flex time, they can simply go home or get a jump start on homework as they wait for their sports practice to start. Flex time allows students to do their homework in the commons, a quiet and comfortable environment while also allowing them to participate in many more activities.

Flex time truly allows students to become more connected to the Saint Viator community and everything they are being taught. It provides students with a time to create a better understanding of what they are learning and allows them to be more integrated and well-rounded at Saint Viator.