Jazz presents new future for world of music

Ever since its Golden Age in the mid-20th century, jazz has become more and more unpopular among the top charts. As society changed, music taste changed. In many cases, Jazz has fallen silent upon more modern ears, despite its immeasurable affect upon the music industry. But where did jazz begin?
Jazz began in the early twentieth century in New Orleans, LA. As New Orleans was an oasis for many travelers, many nationalities were able to perform and practice music here with one another: French military bands, European ballroom dance orchestras and ragtime performers. However, the most influential group to the development of the modern jazz genre was African Americans. By combining their uplifting spirituals, work songs and folk music traditions, they managed to pioneer the earliest styles of American popular music. As jazz was not written down like previous music, its musicians learned melodies by ear, which allowed for much improvisation and flexibility. Each musician could express their own independent style easily, despite what song they would play. Although the formation of jazz was influenced heavily by the works of Louis Armstrong, a band leader by the name of Buddy Bolden came to be known as the “first man of jazz.” Bolden was an improviser, and left no record of his music, so he rarely receives the credit he deserves. In the last decade of his life, he helped to change the world forever by building the foundation of jazz.
Traditional jazz shone throughout the 40s through 60s, but in a more modern world, jazz has become much less popular. However, here at Saint Viator, the jazz band stays true to the genre.
“Jazz Band is a creative outlet that allows students to get introduced to different styles of music,” says sophomore Finn McLeod.
For anyone wishing to explore the music genre, the best place to start is with the greats of the Golden Age. Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Ella Fitzgerald are some of the best musicians in the world. To prevent the extinction of jazz, it is essential that we must revisit the past and learn from those that came before us in order to bring back the appreciation and awareness for the wonderful styles of jazz.