‘Adding’ to the staff: Embree’s mathematical debut

New faculty member Ms. Embree adds some charismatic flair to the math department


Madeline Dauphin

Ms. Embree shows off her current graphing lesson.

Lions, have you noticed a new face gracing the math hallway? Ms.Maggie Embree is a new math teacher that will be instructing honors Pre-Calculus and Algebra II/ Trigonometry—Mrs. Worthington’s classes from past years. Ms. Embree is a graduate from Illinois State University and actively participated in the school’s table tennis team.
Outside of school she is an avid cook and book reader.
“I like getting ingredients and winging it,” said Ms. Embree. “I love to be creative and experience new things.”
The Viator community has welcomed Ms. Embree with open arms. She has already become involved in various activities around school. Over the homecoming weekend, she attended the varsity football game and was one of the staff representatives at the dance. She can also be found in Mr.Miller’s class after school helping students with math work on a daily basis.
“The students, to be honest,” said Ms. Embree when asked about her favorite part of the school community. “The students are super supportive and fun to be around.”
The COVID-19 pandemic made teaching very hard for her and she wanted to return to the interactions that happen in the classroom. Saint Viator offered her the opportunity to have a small community that was close to home and shared the same values.
“I am really looking forward to things being normal and enjoying school activities once again,” she said.
A fun fact about Ms. Embree is that teaching was not her first career path in mind.
“I wanted to be a chemist at first,” said Ms. Embree. But embracing her drive for abstract problem-solving, she “decided against it because chemistry is too exact.”
Teaching may have not been the first career path for Ms. Embree, but her outgoing personality has made her one of the most well-liked members of staff already. If you have questions about log roots or are just looking for someone to talk to, look no further than room 238 for a fantastic addition to the faculty, Ms. Embree.