Flex your new activities

Students participate in new activities, clubs after school


Rickie Gao

Photo Club meets for their biweekly meeting during flex time.

Clubs are a way of becoming involved in the school community and meeting new people. Luckily for Viator students, a multitude of new clubs have been introduced. As a result, many students are overwhelmed and are unsure of what each club has to offer.
“I’ve heard a lot about these new clubs, but I haven’t really heard all of the information about them,” said junior Hugo Freund.
Some of these new clubs include Photo Club, F.I.R.E. Crew, Future Medical Professionals Club, Film Club, and Chess Club.
Some clubs, such as Photo Club, are available to anyone who is interested and would like to join. F.I.R.E. Crew, on the other hand, is only available to join by invite only. Although not every student can join, it is important to learn about what this new club does and how it supports the Viator community.
Mr. CJ Zimmerman, a Fine Arts Teacher at Saint Viator, recently started the Photo Club.
“It kind of came from the students,” said Mr. Zimmerman. “Students were coming to me asking if I would start either a photo class or a photo club. I figured a club would be the easiest way to start and get some interest in it.”
At their biweekly meetings, the members can decide what they want to do. To begin, Mr. Zimmerman shared the work of photographers and videographers that he is passionate about. This simple agenda has evolved into students coming in with their work asking for feedback or help with equipment.
Ms. Maggie Wiener, the Assistant Director of Enrollment at Viator, is one of the founders of the new F.I.R.E. Crew.
“Mrs. Bremner and I started the club as an extension of the Ambassadors Club,” says Ms. Wiener. “This new chapter of Ambassadors Club [provides] a more structured, purposeful, and positive experience for our Future Lions coming into the school community.”
The F.I.R.E. Crew meets weekly to organize shadow days, train crew members on how to host shadows, and gather information about how the shadow visits are impacting Future Lions’ decisions so the group can evolve and grow.
With the addition of flex time, club management has become routinely organized, and students are looking forward to joining more clubs.