Declaring Dean Deb Day

Students, faculty celebrate Dean Deb’s award, time at Viator


Photo courtesy of Dean Deb Scerbicke

“Kind hearted, hardworking, determined,” said junior Michael Strozak.

“Caring, dedicated, passionate,” said junior Liv Salituro.

“Energetic, generous, outgoing,” said junior Makenna Ritchey.

“Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, generous,” said junior Jeneva Mercado.

“Helpful, respectful, positive,” said junior Mikey Dimucci.

Amongst a surplus of compliments from students spanning from “humble” to “passionate,” what do all these words have in common? They all wonderfully describe Dean Deb, of course!

For 21 years, Dean Deb Scerbicke has graced the Saint Viator community with her zealous persona as not just a school administrator, but as a school superstar. Throughout her career, she has inspired positive school reforms, instituted iconic trends, and has created a memorable experience for all of the Viator students and staff.

“It’s wonderful to be somewhere for so long and make a difference,” said Dean Deb.

Since her start at school, Dean Deb has generated an overwhelmingly positive status from students and faculty because even as a Dean, she has been personable and encouraging. Claiming that she puts every name and face together, Dean Deb has memorized a multitude of the Viator community: even in these mask-wearing times. Being a very visual person, she loves meeting new people knowing that she will always remember them based on their expression. She has gained countless lasting friendships with parents and alumni, an opportunity she holds very close to her heart.

“If you go to Saint Viator you know Dean Deb and she knows you,” said Dean Deb.

In 2011, Dean Deb was diagnosed with cancer yet still strived for excellence at Saint Viator. Her impact on the student body inspired the entire community to dye their uniform polos pink and surprise Dean Deb, in honor of their support for her recovery. Astonished with this heartwarming movement, Dean Deb helped create the yearly sale of pink polos in which the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Dean Deb began the annual tradition of hosting the annual Saint Viator Athletic Booster Club’s Trivia Night. The revenue from the trivia games raise funds for various athletic programs. During Trivia Night, Dean Deb plays the role of the MC and has created several exciting trivia games which she hilariously commentates on herself. This unique and dynamic fundraising event allows Dean Deb to personally interact with parents and members of the Viator community.

“It’s not a job for her. She truly loves and cares for the kids,” said longtime colleague and friend of Dean Deb Mrs. Kathy Gallagher.

Dean Deb was nominated for the 2021 Village of Arlington Heights Hearts of Gold Educator of the Year Award by an abundance of staff, alumni and parents. In January, Dean Deb was officially awarded this honor for her bountiful influence on the Saint Viator community. To commemorate this iconic award in her career, February 19th was officially declared as Dean Deb Day.
“Even if Dean Deb doesn’t know the freshmen that well during these pandemic times, she still treats us like family,” said freshman Meghan McLaughlin.

Dean Deb’s history is truly inspiring, so much that her office has documented her favorite Saint Viator memories on her wall of memorabilia. The special wall contains signed pink shirts, photographed events and various news articles.
Dean Deb is always up and about the school everyday, making sure to introduce herself to new faces, and graciously greet those she is familiar with. She enjoys heart to heart chats during lunch duty, as well as goofy moments while students are cleaning the building during her proctoring of Saturday detentions.

“No matter what the day brings, Dean Deb is always ready to take on a new experience because she is always ready to have some fun”, said Mrs. Gallagher.

Especially in these trying times, finding a generally positive outlook can be difficult. However, even in instances of struggle, Dean Deb exhibits so much joy in what she does and seeks so much adorning power throughout the school. From her diligence in beating cancer, leadership through school events and personability in face-to-face interactions, Dean Deb treats each member in the Viator community as if they were her own.

“Dean Deb is generally caring and inspiring,” said junior Camille Martinez. “She’s a dean but she wants to be a friend.”