Episode 87: iGo on Kairos

Students plan for spring retreats away from Cabrini


Photo courtesy of Mr. Willhite

Campus Ministry is facing a unique challenge to continue on student retreats in the midst of restrictive COVID-19 guidelines. This year, different retreats have either taken place over Zoom, such as Urban Immersion, or in person at school. Retreats were designed to help students further connect with their peers and talk about important life and faith issues. In the past, they were overnight at the Cabrini Retreat Center.

“There will be no sleepover and instead students will be gathered in the chapel, commons and lunch rooms.” said director of Campus Ministry Ms. Amy Northrop.

The famous Kairos retreat for seniors will take place at the school on March 21-24th from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.
“We are providing everything but breakfast. Lots of snacks and delicious lunches and dinners”, said Ms. Northrop.
The shirts will feature designs from the Nickelodeon show, “I-Carly”.

“We had a little t-shirt competition and everyone had the opportunity to design a shirt. So I made mine I-Carly. People loved it so we are having I kairos shirts”, said senior Danny Botcher.

This year, 54 seniors are signed up to participate in March Kairos.

“We have had the same amount of kids for Kairos, but we’ve had a harder time trying to get kids to sign up for the other ones”, said campus minister Ms. Sarah Miklius ’15.

While the class of 2021 is eager to make memories of their final retreats with their fellow classmates, other grades may not be so enthusiastic with the added changes. The first sophomore retreat, Quest 50, was held this past February at school and was not able to be an overnight event. The second, Quest 51, will be held in April and have the same format.

“Cabrini made the Quest experience so enjoyable, especially when we played basketball in the gym, ate the delicious food in the dining room, and slept over. Without that this year, the experience will definitely not be as full.” Said sophomore Cecelia Whelan. 

Students will still have the same enriching experience participating in these retreats, while having the ability to be safe.
“I think it will still be fun and exciting to participate in even though it’s not at the retreat center. The retreat will still be done the same way, but just at Viator.” said Botcher.