School plans senior celebrations


Art by Bernadette Mercurio

Social events at school have been bleak this year and that is no exception for the class of 2021. So far, the senior class has lost homecoming, pep rallies, Friday night lights, sports seasons and countless other memorable events that can never be replaced. However, the school is working hard to plan senior events in the spring that would mostly take place in outdoor settings in order to follow the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Instead of a traditional prom, a gala will be held at the school in which different locations will hold various activities.
“We are hoping to have our usual hypnotist in the auditorium and make the area where the vans park look really nice,” said student activities director Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery.

The dress code for the event will either be homecoming or prom attire to allow students flexibility in their evening looks.
“It will be a chance for the seniors to all dress up together one last time and take pictures with each other looking your best,” said Mrs. Lowery.

Currently, the gala will be only for Saint Viator seniors and not permit people from other schools.
The baccalaureate mass will be held at the Wintrust Stadium in Schaumburg.

“I’m glad it’s outside because I feel like it would be less stressful than being crammed into Cahill,” said senior Kate Heneghan.
Similarly, the school is holding the graduation ceremony at Arlington International Racecourse to allow for students and parents to be socially distanced.

“I’m excited to go and graduate at Arlington Race Track, because I feel like it’s a very cool place to hold the ceremony,” said senior Ashley Edgeworth.

As of now, details are still in the works but the school is hoping that students will be able to have four or more tickets each for their family.

“We don’t know what the world will look like in May, but we are trying to make the best plan possible,” said Mrs. Lowery.
While the class of 2021 has lost many of their traditional senior events, they can look forward to making memories with their friends this spring.

“I’m appreciative that the school is doing all this for us and putting in the effort for our senior year,” said senior Tyler Haisman. “You can tell that they’re trying, and I’m thankful for that.”