Community joins fight for equality


Art by Krystal Nava

Racial representation is vital, especially in this day and age, to promote equity and opportunities for all people. One clear example of this presently seen within our own government. Kamala Harris is the first African American and South Asian woman to assume the position of Vice President. This monumental moment in American history has proven the need to re-evaluate how we promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for all people within our own communities.
Under values of “Community and Learning” on the Saint Viator website, it states, “The Saint Viator High School family cultivates an environment of kindness for all to feel welcomed, included and involved.” In order to further embody this statement, the DEI program has been created.
“The aim of the DEI program is to strive towards this value and make it true for all current members of the school and future members” said member working on the DEI program Brother John Eustice, CSV.
The DEI program can further ensure everyone will feel included and with more conversations being discussed through events that have highlighted discrimination against specific groups of people. With DEI, the Saint Viator community can further uphold their claims about being inclusive to all.
“Events of the last year have caused people to voice questions with how we are dealing with this topic and naturally, when a community says that we create a welcoming environment, the next question is—how are we doing that?” said campus minister Mr. Jason Wilhite ’15.
There are people who have failed to recognize the need to diversify the community. When a community consists of a sole majority, it automatically makes it difficult to address the needs of all members in that community.
“The next step from this process is to name specific goals from our strategic plan that will guide future endeavors,” said Brother John Eustice.
Of course, this change cannot be made overnight. True change with lasting impact takes time. Fortunately programs such as DEI, which bring up important yet difficult conversations, are a step in the right direction. This is especially important when a community claims to uphold the dignity of all its members.