As takeout takes over, Asian food rises to occassion

In a time dominated by takeout, finding the best restaurants can be difficult. Asian Takeout rises above the rest as convenient, quick and tasty. A good takeout restaurant must be able to travel well, meaning it doesn’t lose any of its appeal when eating it at home versus in the restaurant. Thai takeout has a plethora of options in the northwest suburbs. Alt Thai offers unique approaches to Thai classics as well as some traditional Asian dishes. However, if you want the best Thai take-out in Arlington Heights, nothing can beat Bangkok Cafe. With recipes built on tradition, each dish offers a taste of Thailand that is slow to leave your mouth. Chinese takeout, although similar to Thai, has its own best restaurant: Chef Ping. Acclaimed by many critics as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Chicago, Chef Ping has so many delicious options that it’s often hard to choose the best ones. Chef Ping offers classics such as Kung Pao chicken and new recipes such as the Ping Wings, a favorite of the chefs’ dishes. Needless to say, Chef Ping has enough offerings to leave everyone at the table satisfied. Combining both Thai and Chinese with Japanese cuisine is the homely restaurant Sun Shui. Sun Shui has a collection of foods from around the Asian continent. Although not unique to one cuisine, Sun Shui still delivers masterful dishes that travel well and satisfy all.