School prepares for extended coronacation

Extra week of e-learning planned before, after winter break


“I’m Dreaming of a Safe Christmas.” Who would have ever thought we’d be saying that? The school is doing everything they can to give the community a traditional Christmas without the fear of the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, an extended bit of E-learning will occur to ensure this safety.

After extensive analysis, Principal Mrs. Karen Love and President Mr. Brian Liedlich have decided to mandate that one week before and after winter break will be dedicated to e-learning in regards to the community’s safety. This decision was also based upon feedback from primary schools within the Archdiocese of Chicago that feed into Viator.

“We want the exposure to be as small as possible,” said Mrs. Love, “We found this to be the best decision for the community with input from admin and staff as well as parents.” The school’s approach to these difficult times is to allow more time for quarantine around the holidays, as many families will travel and socialize with extended family and friends. With a total of four weeks out of the building, the well-being of students and staff are the top priority.

“Think of it as a sandwich approach: there are opportunities of quarantine at the front and back end of the break, so that everyone is given a chance to celebrate safely,” said Mrs. Love. E-learning is a controversial topic in not just the Saint Viator community, but throughout the world. While many debate the struggles of e-learning, many believe that it demotes a risk of the spread of the pandemic.

“These extra few weeks of e-learning will be helpful to allow for quarantine and therefore safer family get-togethers, and will allow the students and staff to have a break from all the commotion going on in this pandemic world,” said history teacher Mr. Eric Levin.
Several teachers hold the same opinion, as they believe this break is key for a healthier return to school in the wintertime. Even students share the belief of this well-developed plan:

“E-learning isn’t always easier, but it gives students a way to be safe and stay warm in their individual homes,” said junior Linnea Kobbs.
No matter how one may look at this situation, it can truly be difficult to find the perfect solution.
“This is something we should all be truly happy for because we can all have the confidence to gather with family and friends without fear”, said junior Owen McClellan.