Students weigh in on learning challenges

Poll shows students thoughts on school’s second semester plan


It is no secret that Viator’s plan for in-school learning has been more than ambitious. It is one of the few schools in the area that is attempting full time in-person classes, with the choice to e-learn. Although the administration has implemented many measures to ensure the safety of the community, a high number of COVID-19 cases in the school and in the area has forced the school to temporarily shut down twice.

A recent poll sent out has shown what students think would be the best course of action that the school takes next semester. 53% of the students who responded to the survey believe that the learning procedures should remain as is, but many have conflicting opinions.
While many may have expected or prepared for these circumstances, the constant changes can create an uncertainty for students.

“For the e-learning choice, I personally don’t mind either on line or in person. I just wish we can achieve some consistency in that we stay and remain in either one,” said junior Will McAteer.

A popular consensus was that students learn better in-person because the class can be more captivating, but some say that the virus is a more pressing concern.

“Although I prefer in-person learning because I find it more engaging and easier to focus, the current state of the pandemic concerns me. Illinois is seeing a huge increase in cases, so I think it would be best for the school to close temporarily.” said junior Kelly Huang.

Students have a responsibility to keep up with their classes either way and for many taking the AP tests, it is in their best interest.

“In AP classes, students are going to continue to work in that environment,” said history department chair Mrs. Maureen Martin.
Only 45% of the students taking AP testing in the spring said that it influenced their opinion on education going forward.

“I feel most concerned about the safety and gathering everyone in one room for an AP test,” said freshman Michael O’Connor.
Unfortunately, the school cannot yet return to normalcy while following the guidelines and safety procedures, but some students long for everything to simply be the way it was before.

“I miss normal school,” said senior Cameron Daniels.