McDonald’s creates healthier option with McPlant

Healthy convenience food might sound like an oxymoron, but it is not. Many major fast food companies are adding healthier ingredients and foods to their menus. And now, McDonald’s, one of the largest and most well known fast food companies, has decided to up their healthy food game.

McDonald’s has come out with a new food line called the McPlant. The McPlant menu is said to include a meatless burger, a plant-based chicken sandwich and healthy breakfast sandwiches. According to CNN and CBS news, McDonalds has been testing this McPlant burger in Ontario, Canada. Now, after successful results, they will be testing it out in select cities in the U.S., though the names of the cities are not available to the public. Even though the McPlant is not the only meatless fast food burger on the market, it is very anticipated by vegetarians and people looking for a healthier fast food option. Their competition, the Burger King Impossible Whopper, has been very successful in sales increasing 0.6% in stock market profit after just four months on the menu. McDonalds hopes to top these statistics with their McPlant burger. 

The creation of the McPlant and other healthy meat-substitutes highlight the need for a healthy diet. For teens, eating healthy can be really important and should be part of a way of life. 

“For teen athletes, eating healthy is especially important to make sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need so that you can get the most out of your performance for whatever sport you play,” said freshmen softball player Sophie Vernoski. 

“Many students have issues with dieting and weight in college because they are not used to the newfound freedom and they do not know what healthy choices look like. Creating good habits now can prevent this issue and set kids up for success down the road,” answered math teacher and swimming and water polo coach Mr. Mike Miklius ‘04. 

“Overall, what you put into your body becomes you, and putting an excess of “bad” foods into your body will not help you, it will hurt you,” said freshman student athlete Emilie Moorman. 

In conclusion, a person should think of healthy choices before choosing food at a fast food restaurant.